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Building Management Systems 

Welcome to the future of building technology optimization! We are a cutting-edge Systems Integration and Control Engineering company committed to tailoring technology solutions to your unique needs. Our approach is technology-agnostic, ensuring the perfect fit for your building's needs. At the heart of our team are experts with a deep understanding of solutions, alongside cross-training in systems from various providers. Every client interaction is bespoke, recognizing that no two clients share identical requirements.

With decades of experience, we excel in delivering turnkey projects, from fast-track multi-building construction to the seamless transformation of control systems in mission-critical environments. We specialize in crafting minimal disruption plans for live building system upgrades, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Our expertise spans a wide array of products, including HVAC Controls, BMS, Lighting, Energy Metering, and other building-related systems. We tackle diverse system challenges, optimizing performance to meet your unique needs.

Our dedicated teams, including commercial, project, and customer support, work closely with you to align your building technology with your business objectives, comprehending your specific challenges and offering tailored solutions. What sets us apart is our commitment to building lasting business partnerships, guaranteeing a consistently exceptional service.

Our client base spans various business sectors, from high-care cleanroom environments for Avionics and Pharmaceutical manufacturing to chilled and frozen storage for Food production. We also serve the Health, Education, and Leisure sectors, ensuring comfort and safety for a quality life.

Count on us for all your major systems, including Honeywell, Tridium, Niagara, Siemens, Trend, Dali, York Calon, Vaisala, Belimo, Mitsubishi, Forest Rock. Elevate your building technology, join us today

Energy & Data Monitoring

Unleash the Power of Big Data for Energy Efficiency

In a world driven by data, harnessing its potential can be a game-changer. Big data, often characterized by its three V's—variety, volume, and velocity—holds the key to uncovering valuable insights, especially in the realm of energy. At Eclipse, we specialize in energy data analytics, using cutting-edge statistical software, big data technologies, and machine learning techniques to empower utility companies.

When fully deployed, BMS analytics provide a comprehensive view of all building systems and processes across your entire portfolio. The result? Operating expenses slashed by up to 25%, delivering substantial savings. A properly functioning BMS can drive energy efficiency improvements of 15-20%, yet our extensive experience shows that most systems are operating at just 15-50% efficiency. Enhancing your BMS operation stands as one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures you can take.

Join the Data-Driven Revolution Don't let your data go to waste. Embrace the future of energy management and carbon reduction with Eclipse. Let us help you unlock the power of big data to enhance your building's efficiency, save on costs, and contribute to a sustainable future. Your journey to a greener, more efficient future begins here.

The Challenge: Carbon Footprint and Inefficient Systems In recent years, we've delved deep into the field of building data and analytics, making them integral to daily operations. Our mission is clear: to assist estate managers and building owners in realizing tangible benefits, translating into savings in energy and operational costs. Many property portfolio owners grapple with disconnected systems that don't communicate, leading to inefficiencies and suboptimal occupant experiences.

Our Solution: Cloud-Based Systems and BMS Analytics.  Eclipse has revolutionized the game by utilising custom Niagara drivers that seamlessly transfer Building Management System (BMS) and industrial data to the cloud, whether it's AWS or Azure. Our expertise doesn't stop at secure data transfer; we also provide the tools to make that data actionable.


Empower Your Smart Building with Eclipse Integration

In the era of Smart Buildings and the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, seize the potential of seamless integration with Eclipse. We offer a game-changing solution that caters to facility managers and building owners, making your intelligent systems even more powerful.

Unified Hub for Performance Insights.  Eclipse is your gateway to a unified hub where a diverse range of plant control and automation systems converges. This cutting-edge platform provides real-time fault and performance analytics, offering you invaluable insights into your building's performance.

Legacy Compatibility and Beyond We've got you covered when it comes to compatibility. Eclipse offers drivers that enable connectivity with legacy building management systems, whether they are proprietary or closed protocol systems, packaged plant control, or popular intelligent products.

Versatile Integration.  Eclipse can seamlessly integrate various systems, including hotel booking, reservation, lighting control, security/access, fire alarms, refrigeration, and cooling plant from major manufacturers. We're constantly expanding our compatibility with open protocols like Modbus, BACnet, KNX, and SNMP.

Experience the Power of “A Single Pane of Glass” Eclipse transforms workplace management with a centralized tool that provides powerful graphical interpretations of plant data, performance history, and user-friendly tools. Experience the convenience of a "Single Pane of Glass" (SPOG), a one-stop solution for all your systems, in any environment.

Seamless Workflow Integration.  Eclipse seamlessly feeds data into your management systems using technologies like OPC Servers and REST APIs. Whether you use CMMS, CAFM, or Microsoft Teams, we ensure full integration into Eclipse for a streamlined workflow.

Take control of your smart building with Eclipse Integration. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards a smarter, more efficient, and integrated future.

Support Services & Planned Maintenance

If you have a building, we can assist you to make it more efficient, and keep on top of energy efficiency throughout the building lifecycle.

We offer support for traditional Building Management Systems of any age and can help the building owner to save energy and reduce costs.

Our response starts from the moment you contact us, and very quickly an engineer can be aiding you. Our team are trained to listen, and to make constructive suggestions that can have an immediate positive impact.

eclipse offers a wide range of on-going support services including emergency response and planned assistance either via telephone, a remote connection, or a visit to site.

All services are intended to ensure that the Control or Monitoring System continues to function as effectively as possible, and in the event of an issue there is someone available to assist you.

Support is offered in the form of a service level agreement lasting for an agreed term (typically one to five years). The content of that agreement is tailored to meet the needs of the customer

To talk to us about how we can help your business, please call 01928 791 900 or email info@eclipse-controls.co.uk
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